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A IRES-DTREGFP expression cassette was knocked into the Cd4 gene stop codon site.
Research Application:DTR mouse

Validation Data


Figure 1.  EGFP expression analysis in  PBMC of CD4-IRES-DTR-EGFP heterozygous mice by FACS. (In collaboration with CrownBio).


Figure2. The percent of  CD4+ T cells and other immune cells in peripheral blood of CD4-IRES-DTR-EGFP mice were detected by FACS. (In collaboration with CrownBio) 

The C57BL/6 mice and CD4-IRES-DTR-EGFP mice were injected with diphtheria toxin, the results indicated that CD4+ T cells and Tregs of CD4-IRES-DTR-EGFP mice were depleted and meanwhile the amount of CD8+ T cells increased.


Figure3. The growth of MC38 tumors in CD4-IRES-DTR-EGFP mice and C57BL/6 mice. (In collaboration with CrownBio)

Heterozygous CD4-IRES-DTR-EGFP mice and C57BL/6 mice were inoculated with MC38 colon cancer cells.  The CD4-IRES-DTR-EGFP mice were injected with diphtheria toxin once in two days.

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