Breeding Services

The model breeding provided by Shanghai Model Organisms refers to the customized genetically modified animal model or the customer-owned genetically modified animal model. We will delivery the genotype-specific model products within specific period by natural breeding or assisted reproduction technology.

The specified breeding technologies include natural breeding, assisted reproduction, SPF purification, etc.

Model breeding allows us to deliver a specified number of genotype-specific model lines to our customers at once or in batches, effectively solving technical or cost barriers faced by customers in genotype identification, propagation cycle, animal quality, and operation management, and improving their research efficiency.

Natural Breeding Service

Natural breeding refers to the breeding method of obtaining a genotype-specific offspring model within a specific time through the way of self-mating and breeding of animals under the normal growth and development conditions and sexual cycle of animal models. 

Rapid Breeding Service


Rapid Breeding Service can help you get dozens or hundreds age-matched mice fast via IVF (in vitro fertilization). For example, only two male mice are required, and 50 offspring mice can be obtained in as little as 1.5 months, Rapid Breeding Service can save a lot of time spent in breeding mice.


Obtain a certain number of mice one time (HE: Heterozygous, HO: Homozygous, KO: Knockout, CKO: Conditional knock out)


Rederivation Service

The health status of your mice can confound your research results, impair reproduction and reduce their lifespans. Through our rederivation service, you can restore your valuable strain to a specified and opportunistic pathogen-free health status to get your research back on track.



Shanghai Model Organisms also provides rapid and accurate genotype identification services,including PCR ,Realtime PCR, HRMPCR binding sequencing, etc.

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