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Strain Name:C57BL/6JSmoc-Krasem4(LSL-G12D)Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-KI-190003

exon2 of Kras were replaced by loxp-stop-loxp and exon2 containing G12D. When crossed with a Cre recombinase-expressing strain, this strain is useful in studies of cancer and development.



Strain Name:NOD.Cg-PrkdcscidIl2rgem1Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-NSG-001

Prkdc and Il2rg genes were both knocked-out in NOD mice.  Lacking mature T, B and NK cells Low immune rejection against human cells and tissues Good tumorigenicity so that a small number of cells can form tumors. Significant improvement in the survival of transplanted human cells and tissues Suitable for the transplantation of human hematopoietic stem cells and the preparation of humanized mouse models Suitable as the carrier mice for the transplantation of heterologous cells and tissues



Strain Name:C57BL/6JSmoc-Pdcd1em1(hPDCD1) /Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-HU-00015

The endogenous mouse Pdcd1 gene was replaced by human PDCD1(PD-1) gene  .



Strain Name:B6.129S-Albtm1.1(CreERT2)Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-KI-00002

Exons 1-7 were replaced by CreERT2 and a loxp neo casette. The KI mice have a tamoxifen-inducible cre-mediated recombination system.This strain has removed the Neo screening gene.



Strain Name:C57BL/6JSmoc-Cd274em1(hPD-L1)Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-HU-00062

The endogenous mouse Cd274(also known as PD-L1) gene was replaced by human PD-L1 gene .  While hPD-L1(2)(Stock No.NM-HU-190039) mice function similarly to hPD-L1 mice,for more detailed information please contact our technical advisor.



Strain Name:C57BL/6JSmoc-Gt(ROSA)26Sorem1(CAG-LSL-RSR-tdTomato-2A-DTR)Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-KI-190086

These mice harbor a CAG-LSL-RSR-tdTomato-2A-DTR cassette in the Rosa26 locus generated by homologous recombination.



Strain Name:C57BL/6JSmoc-Cdkn2aem(Luc-tdTomato-CreERT2)Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-KI-18039

A Luc-2A-tdTomato-2A-CreERT2-WPRE-pA cassette was fused in-frame with exon2 of Cdkn2a-201 transcript such that the exogenous proteins would be translated followed by the first 62aa of Cdkn2a.



Strain Name:B6;129S-Rag1tm1(loxP-EGFP-PolyA-loxP-Neo-loxP)Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-KI-00069

A loxP-EGFP-PolyA-loxP-Neo-loxP expression cassette was knocked into the Rag1 gene start codon site. As a Rag1 knockout mouse model, this stain can be used in subcutaneous inoculation of liver cancer tissues and tumor cells.  Tumors can esaily form and grow. The amount of T and B lymphocytes in peripheral blood of mice was extremely low tested by FACS, which was comparable to or lower than that of Nude mice, and there was a significant difference compared with wild type mice. The pathological sections of HE staining of tumor tissues showed that the tumor sections of Rag1 KO mice and Nude mice were similar. This strain has the potential to replace Nude, NOD-SCID mice as a tumor-bearing mouse model.



Strain Name:C57BL/6JSmoc-Cd19em1(hCD19) Smoc
Strain State:Repository Live | Cat. NO.:NM-HU-00110

The endogenous mouse Cd19 gene was replaced by human CD19 gene  .



Strain Name:B6.129S-F8tm1Smoc
Strain State:Embryo cryopreservation | Cat. NO.:NM-KO-00012

F8-KO mice (Stock No.NM-KO-00012)carry a knockout allele derived from the targeted deletion of exon 16-19. While F8-KO(2) mice (Stock No.NM-KO-200608) carrying the exon 1-26 deletion.

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