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This strain carries a Foxn1nu mutation on the BALB/c background which will lead to T cell deletion. At the same time, the response to thymus-dependent antigens is limited, resulting in impaired B cell function while NK cells, macrophages, and antigen-presenting cells function normally. The complement activity is normal as well. Hair dysplasia causes aberrant hair growth in which the majority of the hair cannot protrude from the surface, resulting in a naked mouse phenotype.

Validation Data


Fig1. Body weight growth curve of BALB/c Nude (n=30)


Fig2. Complete deletion of T, B cells of BALB/c Nude. 


Fig3. Subcutaneous xenograft tumor growth in BALB/c Nude. 


Fig4. Blood routine tests in BALB/c Nude.


Fig5. Blood biochemistry in BALB/c Nude.

Table 1. BALB/c Nude xenograft cell lines


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